If you could dream it, how would you develop it?

We live it, so we built it. That’s right, a software package so comprehensive for enterprise resource planning that it will revolutionize your business. Our CRM/VRM have estimating modules that merge information into a proposal complete with plans and maps. Auto reminders are built into the system to close more sales and eliminate human error. Scheduling modules make sure everyone is where they should be, which drastically increases productivity. A phone timekeeping app saves additional labor costs and payroll efficiency. Our costing module provides the gross profit within 24 hours of job completion.

No job is complete until it’s invoiced and paid. We've build PROcru as a seamless enterprise from CRM and sales to one-click invoicing and reporting. We encourage you to try our demo today. PROcru is a game changer for every employee and is a must-have tool for success!

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Our Journey

Great products are developed to solve a problem and that is exactly where the PROcru journey began with ACI Asphalt Concrete Inc. We were in our infancy of operations when Founder and C.E.O. Jim Bebo sought out an enterprise system to help him run and organize his business. Unfortunately, Jim came up short as there was no comprehensive, single-stroke, easy-to-use CRM.

With a passion for the business and industry in hand, the process began to build what couldn’t be found elsewhere throughout the industry. As development evolved, so did the desire for much more than just a CRM. Recognizing the day-in, day-out needs of a business, each process was built into the system until PROcru grew to address each and every step required of a sales order.

Fast forward more than 15 years and tens of thousands of estimated and sold job phases - we are proud to launch PROcru. This truly is the only comprehensive enterprise resource planning system with single-stroke entry on the market today. We developed and tested PROcru each and every day and our bottom line results speak for themselves. It’s time yours did as well. View the PROcru features.

Real Results

PROcru is the result of years of software development. Originally designed as a business software for Minneapolis-based ACI Asphalt, PROcru has evolved over the past 15 years into an enterprise resource planning tool. The power of PROcru is that it provides a solution for contractors for everyday challenges with both internal and external management. Efficiency paves the way to growth and increased cash flow, which means strengthening your bottom line!

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