Five Ways Business Management Software Can Improve Your Business

Did you know that businesses can lose as many as 25% of their customers due to churn? If you are concerned about bringing that number down for your contracting business, then you are in the right place. 

Contractors everywhere have a new tool in their toolbox, a robust business management software system. Keep reading to learn the top five benefits a quality business management software system can have for your business. 

1. Streamline Client and Work Management

As you grow your business, you need to focus on efficiency. If you want to scale to the next level, then you need a better way to manage your customer retention, customer satisfaction, sales growth, and your team. A business management software system provides you with the ability to manage the many moving pieces of your business. 

Building better customer relationships is the key to growing your business. But, if you can't remember or easily manage what customers have open estimates and proposals, who you've talked to about which projects, and who might be interested in future work, then it is very difficult to build and maintain the customer relationships that help you grow. 

Additionally, low productivity can ruin the jobs you do win and the relationships you build. Stop using old-school ways to manage your business. Make the most of the digital products available to help you build your business.  

2. Automate Follow Up and Reminders

From closing deals to assigning tasks and more, you are managing many integrated parts of your business. When you automate the tasks that you can, then you free yourself up to focus on your business instead. 

Repetitive tasks can be easily scheduled and assigned in one central location so everyone on your team is on the same page with automated notifications and reminders. In addition, your sales team can see where each potential prospect is in your sales funnel so a warm lead never goes cold again. 

3. Improve Sales Funnel and Pipeline

Regarding your sales team, do you know if your sales pipeline and process is mapped out and consistently managed? It can be with the right business management software system. The best solutions for small and medium size contracting business owners will have these features built-in so you can better manage your business. 

From lead generation, to follow up, and closing the sale, you can gain tremendous efficiency by managing your sales process in a consistent way and having real-time visibility into every deal in the pipeline and how it's progressing. With automation and notifications of next steps and tasks, you can reduce leakage and greatly improve your close/win rate. This ensures you are making the most of every opportunity and giving your company the best chance to win more business.  

4. Improve Customer Experience

If you have ever lost a great customer due to forgetting an important deadline or following up with a phone call, then you know how important customer service is. As you grow your business, customer retention is the key to scaling to the next level. It doesn't matter if you work in residential or commercial, every former customer will need another project at some point. 

When you provide great customer service, they will come back to you for their next project. This is one of the keys to true growth for any business. With all of your relevant customer information in one place and just a few clicks away, you won't need to rely exclusively on continually bringing in new customers. It is much easier to cultivate existing client relationships and mine your current customer list for additional project opportunities. 

5. Centralized Database

Finally, if you feel like you only see a small, fragmented part of your business in your current system, then you need to have one central location to house all your information. From customer information to materials needs, scheduling, and job costing, you can see your entire business in one streamlined birds-eye view.  

When you can see all the important information in one place, you can set up alerts, monitor your business in real time, and provide transparency into the business that helps you and your team optimize resources and operate much more efficiently. 

Save Time and Money With a Business Management Software System

As you can see, your contracting company cannot afford to spend another day piecing together a disconnected set of Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and even physical sheets of paper, with reminders scattered everywhere. You need a quality business management software system to help you streamline and scale your business today. 

If you're ready to see how a business management software system can improve your business, then schedule your free demo now. You are sure to see these five benefits and more in your demo.