How Automating the Proposal Building Process Increases Profits

Did you know that the U.S. asphalt paving and sealcoating industry has north of 85,000 contractors?

One big part of normal business activity involves completing and delivering accurate proposals. If you manually draft up proposals to submit to potential customers, you know that the process takes a lot of time.

That's where automation solutions come into the picture. Proposal building tools are all about automating key components of the process.

This will save time and, as the old saying goes, time is money.

Are you still building your proposals manually? Do you want to learn about a better way? Here's a look at why using a business management software system to automate the proposal building process makes sense and can lead to higher profits.

Automating Proposal Building is About Efficiency

Greater efficiency is a major benefit of automating the building of proposals. The right solution will help you and your staff to be more efficient. It will reduce the amount of time needed to locate and input information, and it ensures accuracy from estimating through the proposal process.

As your efficiency increases, you will see a corresponding increase in profits. It's all about knowing how to work smarter rather than harder.

Submit More Proposals

When you automate the proposal building process for your projects, you will find that there is more time to identify new clients, complete estimates on new projects, and submit more proposals. That's what happens when you leverage the power of a proposal automation solution.

If your company typically bids on 15 projects per week (for example), you might find that automating the proposal building process enables you to potentially submit an additional five or more proposals in the same amount of time.

Analytics Can Lead to Improvements

You can assess reporting analytics and data capture to see where improvements to your proposal building process may be beneficial. You will be able to improve pricing optimization, processes, and more.

Accurate Proposals

Automating the process of building proposals is also about ensuring accuracy. Accurate proposals are a must. Nothing will cut into your margins faster or deeper than inaccurate proposals that fail to account for appropriate costing and result in huge cost overruns for your company. 

The right automation tool allows you to create proposals more quickly, clearly spell out the deliverables and the associated costs, eliminate errors, and give would-be clients what they need to make a decision. 

What you will find is that building a project proposal with the aid of an automation solution demonstrates a high degree of accuracy and professionalism.

Manage Time Tracking

The right automation tool will allow you to easily handle time tracking and scheduling. Delivering a quick and accurate proposal is supremely important, but equally as important is appropriately scheduling the right crew and equipment at the right cost. This allows you to make more profit since you are able to maximize the productivity of your workforce.

PROcru Software Is Your Solution for Proposal Building

Are you looking for the right automation solution for proposal building? Look no further. Our PROcru business management software system is exactly what you need.

Benefits in addition to easier, faster, and more accurate proposals, include personalized auto-reminders, custom insights into all projects, time tracking and scheduling, real-time job costing, detailed management reports, and much more. It's definitely worth checking out.

Contact us to learn more about how our solution helps you serve your clients better and to make more money on the job. You can also request a demo to see for yourself why PROcru is the right solution for your company.