I just want to take a moment and thank you gentlemen for your hard work these last few weeks. You have been on top of all of our various issues and requests and have come back with great solutions! We had our first sit down meeting with the superintendents yesterday and it was an eye opening, very awkward meeting. We have been struggling not making the profit we should have been making, but never quite sure where we lost the margin. In our meeting yesterday, when we reviewed the previous weeks phases and their performance, it became very clear where our issues are. I watched a complete change in my managers’ approach to their jobs this morning and am even more excited that they are more enthusiastic to use ProCru today, after the tough meeting yesterday. I feel confident that a couple of more months of the changes we are making and we will be a completely different company.

-Andrew - Owner

Contains all the critical info needed to run business, be transparent with key stakeholders and hold sales and operations accountable for their responsibilities.

-Jeremy Quinn - GM

Excellent software that lets us know how we are performing much sooner than the other companies. This software allows us to have performance review meetings on a weekly basis with the leaders and the can see how each phase of the job has progressed. It has allowed us to change how we manage projects and budgets. We are able to manage a job minute by minute and not after it is all over. It allows us to continually adjust how we bid and construct these projects.

-A. Jackson - Owner

Really enjoy capturing the costs from our vendors to estimate more accurately and quickly. We like the multiple locations/buttons to navigate through the system. Exporting data is easy. The different dashboards to view the business from different "hats" our small business wears is very helpful. The support desk responds promptly and thoroughly on all our concerns, needs, or changes. We love the traffic control option and tracking and expect it will lower our cost. It is very nice to have actual costing so quickly on jobs. Scheduling is simple and easy to manipulate in our ever changing job schedule. Invoicing is really easy as well. So many functions that we are enjoying and so many functions we have not tapped into yet.

Efficient operations, better tracking on jobs, improved communication between field and office, a paperless system

-Sela Greenhouse - Estimator

Exceed my expectations. Incredible customization to my company needs. We went from 5 platforms to 2 before we met ProCru. After meeting ProCru we are still operating two platforms (ProCru and QuickBooks) but my staff are getting more bids out, a higher rate of closings and a faster more efficient job procurement. We are bidding 5 jobs more per week, and our closings have increased by 5%.

-Robb Ochs - President

ProCru works well for what I need it to do. The ease of finding what we need, whether it be a CRM company name, contact, site, project, etc, is quite easy to find

-Nicole Nunes - Admin/Project coordinator

The customer support are awesome. They are always there quickly to help. It's paving specific. It really helped to speed up my estimates we are learning little tricks all the time to help with the estimating. I've learned a lot about production rates using the software and it has really become valuable in my estimating and then all the reports are awesome learning more reports all the time. Speeding up my estimates running reports to see how we doing on jobs and scheduling. Knowing how many man-hours I have booked out.

-Scott Spano - President

Extremely Useful, but Requires Hard work & Dedication on the part of the Customer. ProCru is great in that it centralizes a huge volume of information into a single system from the point of taking the lead to invoicing the customer and costing out the project. There's a huge amount of data that the program collects that's ripe for mining. It's highly customizable and ProCru Support is extremely responsive to customization and technical support requests.

-Jessica Holly - Office Manager

PROcru allows me to get reports daily, weekly, monthly for all costs of a job proposed to actual. Labor, materials, trucking. I can manage trends and increase profits.– Jeff Paving - Operations Manager

PROcru ease of use estimating allowed me to sell over 4.m as a 2nd year sales person, the auto reminder feature helped me close more business.– Justin - Salesman

PROcru time keeping app. saved the company hundreds of labor hours that impacted jobs and the bottom line. Payroll has never been easier and made my life easier.– Laura - Controller

PROcru estimating has improved sales peoples accuracy for the materials and labor estimated and provides crews with a target, maps and jobs notes for greater profit and communication.– Barry - Concrete Operations Manager

PROcru impact to my company has improved the efficiencies of every person in the company and they can do more with less people and that means more money to the profits and a happier staff.– Jim - Owner

With Procru I am able to deliver my proposals much faster and with more accuracy than my previous software.– Tom - Owner

Procru allows me to view my detailed job costs the day after the work is completed, that could never happened before.– Loretta – Costing Specialist

I am now able to give my customers a schedule date within 3 days of receiving the contract, and with Procru, rescheduling is so easy after a rain day.– Joyce – Scheduling

I love the Procru CRM. I never lose the history of a contact, no matter how many times they move from one company to another.– Kathy – Administrator

Real Results

PROcru is the result of years of software development. Originally designed as a business software for Minneapolis-based ACI Asphalt, PROcru has evolved over the past 15 years into an enterprise resource planning tool. The power of PROcru is that it provides a solution for contractors for everyday challenges with both internal and external management. Efficiency paves the way to growth and increased cash flow, which means strengthening your bottom line!

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